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Professional Photography and Photoshoot Tips


1. Clothing & Appearance for your Photoshoot

  • Bring a brush or a comb
  • Wear what you are comfortable in – it's naturally more "you"
  • Groups - Try to coordinate a theme, but avoid plaid, bold patterns, stripes, etc.
  • Plan for some casual shots and some more formal shots
  • Props (letter jackets, athletic apparel & equipment, instruments, artwork, hats, scarves, vehicles, etc.) are always welcome and encouraged


2. Wedding Photography Tips

Guests taking photographs during posed/planned times are requested to please stay to the side and avoid taking photos while La Mémoire is. When we have completed taking the wedding poses, we are happy to allow for a few quick guest snapshots.

Please let La Mémoire know, or include La Mémoire in your wedding photography checklist and time planning for your wedding photography. It is suggested to have a minimum of an hour for formal photography, but we encourage more time. Dependent upon scheduling with other vendors, we can work together to make sure your day is wonderful.


3. Your ideas

These are your pictures. Your ideas are very important and we are happy to hear your ideas and incorporate them in your session.

Contact La Memoire Photography to talk about your project and schedule your photoshoot.